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Everyone deserves a home they love.

That is Good Neighbours mission.

In 2013, Drew Minns was abruptly told to leave his apartment because the restaurant he lived above left their gas on. Standing outside with his neighbours until 4am while the fire department cleared the space, a neighbour said that it wasn’t the first time it had happened.

Why are renters treated as a commodity when housing is often their largest monthly expense? Rental requirements often involve credit checks, pay stubs, background checks, letter of employments and references among others.

No other industry asks for thousands a month from someone while defaulting to mistrust. Renters are asked to commit to housing blindly and then treated as if they don't deserve respect.

Our neighbourhoods succeed when everyone does. Communities don't benefit when everyone only pushes for themselves.


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The Team.

Drew Minns

Drew Minns

Founder & Head of Product and Creative

Growing up, Drew straddled two realms: on one hand, he was a scrappy punk kid with a DIY mentality; on the other, he was an early adopter of the internet, and understood the opportunities these new technologies presented. Today, Drew is fortunate to be able to bring both these elements of his personality together through his work, always in new and innovative ways.

Drew’s experience as a designer, developer, teacher and leader at some of Canada’s top agencies, entertainment companies and schools has allowed him to build projects with passion and empathy.

Samaneh Sadaghiani

Samaneh Sadaghiani


Samaneh is an entrepreneur and an amateur poet living in Toronto. She founded and led one of Toronto's premiere design agencies for over a decade, nurturing the company from its startup roots to becoming a major industry partner with connections to many of North America’s largest companies. She now uses her experience to help growing businesses in the city.

In addition, Samaneh annually co-produces Generator, one of Toronto's hidden treasures of educational performance art.

Ryan Christiani

Ryan Christiani

Head of Technology

Ryan is a Toronto tech leader with nearly 10 years experience in the industry. He's worked at startups and giant product companies, with a number of years as CTO of an award-winning coding bootcamp.

Outside of work, you'll find him reading about space, thinking about guitars, and talking about his feelings.

Advisory Board.

Derek Vaz

Derek Vaz


Elisha Gray

Elisha Gray

Executive Coach

Liam Sarsfield

Liam Sarsfield

Founder - Flourescent

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