👋 Good Vibes Can't Last Forever...Read more about why Good Neighbour is going readonly.

Ok bye.

tldr; You can still read reviews, but you can't add any more. Good Neighbour is becoming readonly because of the cost and time needed to maintain it.

Good Neighbour is now readonly. There is no ability to login, signup, edit, delete, comment or review your apartment. If you need something deleted, updated, or changed, please email me at drew@reallygood.work.

I love Good Neighbour deeply. It's been a part of my life for almost 7 years. I've poured hours into the project but I've got to let it go. Someone with a different skill set needs to take it over.

Selling the monetary and intrinsic value in bringing transparency to the rental market is something I'm simply not able to invest in doing. We unfortunately live in a capitalist culture and while we empathize with rental issues, there is no immediate benefit to creating accountability. I've never had the desire to make Good Neighbour profitable while compromising the needs of the renter.

I am a maker, artist, individual contributor, whatever. I coded, designed, and wrote everything on the site because it just comes naturally to me to make. However, my dream is not being a CEO. In fact, it's the last thing I want in my career. Blame that on punk music.

Frankly, it's tiring hearing, "where is the review site for tenants?". It exists, it's called credit checks, background checks, and references. If you're a landlord, you should be doing these things. If you're not, well, you're not a good landlord. So I'm going to make you better.

I'm shifting my focus to sharing my passion for UI Design and Development with others and migrating never released Good Neighbour product features to a new product called Tada!.

It's a set of tools that will help small landlords manage their rental properties. It's a tool that will help you be a better landlord. It's a tool that will help you be a better person.

These tools will be open-source and free because I'm in the business of making cool shit. They will be an extension of many of the features I designed and built for Good Neighbour, but deemed the wrong fit for the audience.

If you or anyone you know wants Good Neighbour, reach out to me drew@reallygood.work. The codebase, the branding, the domain, the database, the reviews - it can all be yours. I'd love to see it live on, but I ask to be compensated for my work. So no freebies. If possible, I'll take the money to pay my taxes for a year of freelancing, and donate the rest to a food bank. I'll even help you get it up and running.

Some details about the project:

  • 2029 Users
  • 550+ Rental Units with reviews
  • NextJS Application with TypeScript and Tailwind
  • Postgres
  • Zero Debt

If no one wants it - whatever. It's just going to live on the internet as a resource for future renters. Also, a pretty cool feather in my cap.

To all the people who have used Good Neighbour, I want to say thank you. Your support and your stories have consistently given me purpose when I've questioned the work I'm doing. I hope that you've found a place to feel safe and at home.

Thank you most importantly to Samaneh, Ryan and Mike for taking a chance with me.

Take care of each other. ❤️

Drew Minns.



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