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Good Neighbour

Housing is a human right and being a landlord is a business. We need to work together to put humans at the forefront.

Drew Minns, Founder of Good Neighbour

We help build
happy homes.

Good Neighbour is the kinder rental platform for tenants and landlords. For too long the rental market has taken advantage of consumers. Good Neighbour's new renting platform aims to right this imbalance bringing transparency, empowerment, and kindness back to competing interests in the property market.

No random strangers. No awkward meetings at the door. Good Neighbour connects you with neighbours who have lived in your neighbourhood and can provide the best insights into your potential apartment or rental home taking away the pressure of online and saving you time, money and energy.

We're people just like you, and we are committed to creating a product that makes people's lives better.


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