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Hello again,Good Neighbour

It's been a minute since we last chatted. If this is your first time, welcome. Thanks for coming by to find out more about what we're doing.

Good Neighbour has been a labour of love for close to 6 years for me. I have had some awful experiences living in units (roof cave-ins, leaky ceilings etc) and playing the competitive game of securing an apartment.

At a certain point, I just figured that there has to be another way. Why do renters lack the information and resources to make smart financial decisions? Why do we turn our noses up at renters? Often they are paying the mortgage of a property owner with none of the benefits.

60 days to launch

Good Neighbour was always a side gig. There are no investors or people putting money into the project. Every minute spent working on Good Neighbour is a dollar not earned from another project.

But, some things are worth doing. There's a strong intrinsic push to solve a problem as "normal" as renting. So, for the last two months, I've just spent every day focusing on this site. Knowing that I'd watch my bank account go down.

Yet, I did it. It's here. The main drive throughout was knowing that I was going to make something that helped others. 60 days of being my own worst critic and making silly mistakes as I asked others in the industry to work together.

There's no money in focusing on renters. You should invest in helping landlords.

That line was a common response from similar rental products. That everything that I was doing was for naught, because it's only about making money for landlords.

Which fine, they run a business designed to leverage tenants and put money into landlords pockets. But, who are we forgetting?

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Everything you need to get up and running

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