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  • 206 - 38 Walton Street

    206 - 38 Walton Street

    Port Hope ON, Canada

    TERRIBLE APARTMENT BUILDING AND LANDLORD! Let’s start with the interview where she looked at my partner in the eye and told him he doesn’t matter in the interview because he’s attending school and has no income. She then went on to ask if we had any personal mental health issues and asked very rude and invasive questions. She charges first months rent as well as two sets of last months rent up front. Her tenant (basically Randall from the show recess) has a pug that he never puts on leash and leaves his dog waste all over the yard (we have stepped in it multiple times and have made multiple complaints that get ignored) the landlord will breach privacy agreements and share your personal information with other tenants. She nit picks at little things and claims she lives in Toronto and does not live on site but she does in fact live in the building. The building claims to have video surveillance but there are no cameras in the building at all. Laundry is over priced. The shared ventilation makes your apartment either smell like human waste or potent cannabis (it’s a non smoking building) You have to pay for parking but her tenant mentioned above will call the tow truck on you and leave aggressive notes on your car and yell at you. Would not recommend renting in this location. We wished we had spoken to some tenants before moving in so we were aware of the issues. It explains why she can’t keep people for a full year.


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