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  • 6 - 1047 Churchill Avenue

    6 - 1047 Churchill Avenue

    Oakville ON, Canada

    It was manageable but paid way too much for the condition. (They increased rent, so I heard it's 1900~2000/month by now, IDK) This place includes water and heat. Parking/internet/electricity separate. Living room and dinning room combined together. A small kitchen, small bathroom; shower+bathtub+toilet+washstand. I did say 2 rooms, but more like 1+den. 2nd room was small compared to 1st room. You have coin laundry in the basement: one laundry and one dryer machine And they don't really work. You need to run twice or three times to get it washed properly. I recommend using coin-laundry out of site. No A/C, so in summer we paid $300 a month due to window AC usage, and the house gets super hot whether you have a curtain or not. These two storage complexes are really old, like built-in 1950s or so. Means it's infested with roaches. I've contacted the landlord about it multiple times, they simply came in to spray powder dust or set a sticky trap and that was it. Occasionally you will get rodents. But roaches were a huge thing. You will just see them running around the entire apt. We didn't put our food in open space, we didn't live dirty but it was just a beyond of what we could do for prevention. It was just a roach-infested building. (And the only way to get rid of them will be setting whole building on fire, NGL) Neighborhood: it's pretty interesting. At least cops do come to the hood, but there were always cops running around in the area. I don't want to say super sketchy but not the nicest. Manageable, but it's one of those hoods lmao Not too sure if the landlord checks tenants on their criminal background history but I legit had a loud, crack addict, fresh out of prison who always dragged out heavy plastic bin 4 am down below and took a few months to kick them out. Police couldn't do much, and LL wasn't quick onto it. So I and other units had to deal with loads of sounds for a few months. Speaking of sound, it's not soundproof, so be mindful when you live there. Tried to negotiate rent price in the period of the COVID struggle, but not much happened. So I ended up moving out. So if you have a budget of 2k a month in Oakville, suggest renting basement apt, or finding a roommate for a conto/apt if you really need window :)


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